ORDERING Database Licensing Features Comparison




You receive the full BIN database in CSV format.

You receive the full version of lookup and filtering software.

You receive access to IP to Location database.


Your company or organization has the right to use the database for the internal purposes only.


You may store and use one copy of the database on one single computer.

Unlimited number of users can access the database through a single computer.

You may incorporate our database into your own.

You will receive free updates within 6 months after the initial purchase.


You will receive free updates within 2 years after the initial purchase.


You get updated files every month.


Your company or organization has the right to create a product and/or service to sell to the public.


You may create derivative products from the BIN database (e.g., hosted fraud prevention service).


You can provide access to a derivative product for your clients.


Online by credit card



Online ordering

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Buy Online

Wire tranfer with invoice



Request invoice (*)

Contact us

Contact us


(*) Generated invoices are sent to only legitimate businesses. When you provide us your company name, website, and legal address, we will send an invoice with the details necessary to perform an international wire transfer (bank name, account holder, IBAN and SWIFT code) in PDF format. Contacting us from your corporate email with your company details is sufficient.


If your accounting department requires a signed agreement, please tell us about it in your invoice request.


Need client references? Contact us with the country and/or industry you are interested in.


Updates are $199US per year regardless of the license type. 



Requests for purchases from free email addresses will not be considered.