Features That Help You Prevent Fraud Online for Merchant Account Holders

As an entrepreneur that wants to ensure the financial future of a business, you will undoubtedly want to ensure that online credit card fraud does not affect your business. Not only does e commerce credit card fraud waste your time, but it can also cost you money! Remember that it’s important to recognise that online fraud is a huge problem, and there are a number of things that you can do to avoid it completely.


One of the most popular methods of avoiding ecommerce credit card fraud these days is by making use of the quality online service known as is able to offer a variety of features that can help you, a merchant account holder, avoid any possible time wasting and money wasting with fraudsters found on the Internet. 


Firstly, it’s worth noting that is able to offer you a huge BIN database. A BIN database is a concise list of Bank Identification Numbers, which are found on a bankcard. So what does access to this huge BIN database mean for you?  A BIN base can allow you to crosscheck credit card information with every transaction that you make, meaning that the card can be authorised before a payment is made. This stops any fraudulent cards in their tracks, and significantly reduces the chance of your business becoming subject to credit card fraud merchants. is able to offer cardholder verification, amongst many other intuitive features. Cardholder verification is near enough not possible without the use of some kind of BIN database, and with, cardholder verification is easy. If your business accepts gift cards or prepaid cards for payment, then the BIN database is able to ensure that the purchaser is the real owner of the gift card. 


Ecommerce credit card fraud is easier to do than ever before, with today’s technological advances. That’s why it’s important to use a BIN database with complete records. Binbase can offer you just that, meaning Internet credit card fraud need not worry you any more. For every record on the database, there are 11 fields. The fields include the BIN, the card brand, the issuing bank, the form of card, the category, and the issuing country – including some other card details. This means that for every transaction, the database knows everything about the card. If anything can make credit card fraud Internet difficult, it’s Binbase.


Credit card fraud on the Internet will always adapt as anti-fraud technology adapts, and that’s why is frequently updated. All customers using the database will receive free updates on a regular basis, to assure you that you’re still easily stopping credit card fraud on Internet sites affecting your business. 


With the largest database available on the market, too, Binbase is able to stop merchant credit card fraud in its tracks much better than any other bin database. is even recognised by fraud prevention companies, that now understand that the database is packed full of features and security that ensures it’s the best available on the market for business owners. Nowhere else can you find such a large database, and nowhere else can you find a trustworthy database, It’s simply the only one to consider if you’re serious about stopping credit card fraud merchant account holders.


By using a BIN database, you will be saving the business time and money. Reducing your risk of credit card fraud can protect your assets and stop any financial issues long into the future. Remember that with, card verification, identity confirmation and transaction authorisation are all made simple. With your license, you’ll be able to stop any kind of credit card fraud in the future without even thinking about it. Just sign up! is unique, and offers more information for every BIN than any other company out there. Importantly, makes sure that every single entry in their records includes country information. Furthermore, it’s important to recognise that many companies out there use artificially generated data in their databases – which ultimately provide no use for you at all. In short, by using other companies you could find yourself paying for something that you either can’t use, or simply will not benefit you at all. 


It’s important to recognise that BIN databases are important for merchant account holders to avoid online credit card fraud. Make use of them today, and you’ll find that you’re saving yourself time and money without much effort.